Saturday, February 5, 2011

For the mehendi to look absolutely stunning, need to work on the hands and the nails first...


Before polishing, make sure your hands/nails have been prepared (cleaned, filed, cuticles pushed back); I usually do my
manicure right after I shower. Nails look best when tips are similar length (about 1/8th “).

Sally Hansen Advanced Hard as Nails with Nylon + Retinal: Shake gently and apply one coat to clean,bare nails. This dried within 2 minutes but I waited until about 3 ½ minutes before step 2 below. ORLY French Manicure: I used the bright white (White Tips # 42001) but there are softer colors such as a pastel pink, beige, off white, etc. Try to avoid using any tip guides which tend to be more of a problem then help. Shake ORLY bottle well and in smooth strokes, paint each nail tip from left corner to center; then from right corner to center, following the curve of your nail. This dried within 4 minutes but I waited until about 6minutes before continuing. Then if needed, lightly brush nail tip across and let dry. Optional, apply a 2nd coat of Sally Hansen Advanced Hard as Nails with Nylon + Retinal. Let dry for a few minutes. Sally Hansen INSTA-DRI ANTI CHIP TOP COAT. One coat is enough but I applied 2 finishing coats. First coat dried less than 30 seconds. I waited about 1 minute before applying the 2nd coat. Enjoy your beautiful nails which last about 5 to 7 days and think of all the valuable time you will save and dollar savings (about $1,000 per year). 


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